Our results

Our Results

Selecting the opportunities worth chasing while identifying how to maximize and realize their value for the Retailer and our Partners only comes with the right strategic mindset, a team’s bent on creating a Pathway to Yes!, and  a flawless execution arm. This combination delivers exceptional results.

2023 Results in summary & couple of successes

Hatchery Group

60% YoY

Scaled over 60% YoY growth,
on top of previous year's 118%.

Grew our team and expanded
our digital capabilities.

2 success stories

301% YoY

Expanded brand by 301% YoY.
Totaling 2100 stores with 7 items.

Launched new brand within 7 months.
Totaling 2559 stores with 8 items.

2 success stories

+32K POD’s Yr 1

Expanded brand 135% YoY
Totaling 4377 stores with 8 items

Launched new brand within 6 months
Totaling 4572 stores with 7 items.

Brand lLab

Launched immy DTC with
over 15K orders within
first 3 weeks. 

Our People

New additions to the team!

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